The concept for Lilian Designs was born as a result of Lilian’s artistic talents combined with Ricardo’s desire to nurture his creative side.  When Lilian and Ricardo met, Lilian’s handcrafted greeting cards were continuing to gain popularity among her co-workers, family and friends. Over the next ten years, Lilian continued to refine and develop her designs, making them a must-have for all occasions.

After conducting extensive market research, it was clear that there was significant opportunity in the wedding invitation segment. They found that very few companies were customizing wedding invitations on any type of large scale.  Ricardo and Lilian decided it was time to take a leap of faith and open their very own stationery business.  Between Ricardo’s affinity for designer pieces and Lilian’s inherent artistic talent, Lilian Designs Studio was destined for success.

Since launching the company in 2007, the Lilian Designs team has created unique and handmade innovative invitations, marketing pieces and stationery for hundreds of clients, including celebrities, socialites and international personalities.

Notable clients of the studio include Chris and Adrienne Bosh (Miami Heat), Chris and Linda Hope (Tennessee Titans), Alex and Kristina Avila (Detroit Tigers), Kordell and Porsha Stewart (Pittsburgh Steelers), Marty and Migdalia Booker (Miami Dolphins) and Jonathan and Delaina Joseph (Houston Texans).  The studio and its team were recently featured on VH1’s Basketball Wives.A